The Light of Christ Journey

Encouraging people on their journey with Christ

Today we want to look at the story of Isaac from Genesis 26:1-6 where there is a famine in the land. Isaac the son of Abraham wanted to go down to Egypt where there was food. While Isaac was thinking about that the Lord appeared to him and said do not go down to Egypt, but settle in the land I will show you. Like a parent God often intervenes in our life to help us overcome obstacles. Maybe you are experiencing an obstacle right now. If you are ask the Lord to help you.

Obstacles slow you down and they make you think. To overcome obstacles we have to learn how to depend on God. Obstacles can be a health issue, a loss of a job, a relationship difficulty or many other things. A significant obstacle causes us to feel helpless. Lord help me! It would be difficult to become who the Lord wants us to be without having trials because the Lord uses them to transform us like clay on a potter’s wheel.

How has the Lord transformed your life through obstacles? What did the Lord teach you? What did the Lord show you through this?

In the midst of our trials the Lord is like a bright light to find our way through the door he would like us to pass through.

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