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Blogger Tom Graves

Purpose of the Blog

Each day we post the Light of Christ Journey blog to encourage people. We believe each person needs to know that the Lord cares for them and is active in their life. Also, once per week we release a radio broadcast and podcast that goes with the daily blog. Each devotional blog and podcast is part of a larger series of messages that challenges you as well as encourage along your journey. 

Since posting our first blog in May of 2019 we continue to reach people all over the world with the good news of Jesus. After the United States, our top ten reader nations for 2022 are the Philippines, Nigeria, India, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Prayers about future Blog Topics

Each series that we develop comes together after a time of seeking the Lord in prayer. Also the title of each message is prayed about and the Lord continues to faithfully reveal the themes for the daily blog.

  • Our current series: “Joseph’s Refining Journey”
  • Our future series begins on November 27 Worship and the Messiah.

About the Blogger

Pastor Tom Graves is the Media Missionary of Light of Christ Church and currently the pastor of Trinity Lutheran in Golden, Illinois. Light of Christ church reaches people through ministry in the market place, radio, podcasting, on-line devotions and social media to encourage others along their journey with Christ.

Along my personal journey fellow believers have been and continue to be instrumental in my spiritual growth beginning with my parents. My wife Paula, also a pastor, joins me each week as we make the Scriptures come alive with the Lord’s assistance.

We look forward to serving you and hearing about your spiritual journey.¬†Our current series for our devotions is “Joseph’s Refining Journey.”

The Gospel of “Mark” is our current Devotional series
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