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Encouraging people on their journey with Christ

Look to God and praise Him. These are healing actions we can do. As I look to the Lord, I begin to take the focus off myself and my difficulties. Looking to the Lord may not change my circumstances, but it changes my perspective. As you focus on your faith in Jesus, you can be thankful for and meditate on many things.

My circumstances are temporary, and life in heaven is eternal. I am sinful, but Jesus came to die for my sins so I could receive forgiveness. The Lord has placed people in my life who love me, and He loves me with great love. I can’t imagine how fantastic it is.

Praise Lifts My Heart

Isaiah, the prophet, praises the Lord because there will come a time when He is no longer angry at the people. Isaiah 12:In that day, you will sing: “I will praise you, O Lord! You were angry with me, but not anymore. Now you comfort me. [1] Isaiah chose to focus on the good things to come of the Lord and not on the past.

There have been times when I have been discouraged and not sure how long this season would last. Yet, as soon as I focused on the Lord, His mercy, love, and forgiveness, the clouds of discouragement lifted. This does not mean my problems went away, but my burden seemed lighter when I remembered what the Lord was doing in my life. The Lord may call you today to take your discouragement to the cross and look to Him for your strength.

It is possible to praise the Lord in hardship because it is an act of our will. I choose to praise the Lord. I read a story of a man who thought he was going to drown in the Bearing Sea after a plane crash, yet he drifted across the waves shouting praises to God. Wow! This man was later rescued, an absolute miracle from the Lord, so He praised Him even more.

The Lord Heals the Distressed Soul

The Lord heals the soul that looks to Him for comfort. The Holy Spirit inside us enables our hearts to overflow with joy in impossible situations. The Lord is always the Light in the darkness. Psalm 42:11Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again— my Savior and my God! [2]

Praising the Lord when life seems upside down does not deny my problems. Instead, it redirects my focus on the character of God and how much He loves and cares for me. The Scriptures tell us our Lord never changes. The Lord will never leave or forsake us, so we can depend on Him always being there no matter how we feel emotionally. If you are struggling today, take the Lord’s hand and look up to Him, who is our joy, strength, peace, and encouragement.

Look to God and praise Him. To learn more, listen here:

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