The Light of Christ Journey

Encouraging people on their journey with Christ

Our first audio podcast in this series is about Jospeh, but as we begin I wanted to talk about the father of the nation of Israel who was Abraham. When the Lord called Abraham he was living hundreds of miles from where the Lord wanted him to move to. For Abraham that meant going on a journey. I have personally discovered a few things along my own spiritual journey.

  • A journey begins where we are and takes us to a place where God wants us to be. This often takes us over rugged ground.
  • A journey is an ongoing test to see if we will continue to follow.
  • On a journey we never go by ourselves…we need to learn to both help others and how to be helped by others…we are better together.

There came a day in my own life where I sensed from the Lord he was calling me to be a pastor. Lord, “I have a good job as a manufacturing engineer I thought.” This was a relentless call by the Lord over many months before I actually obeyed and followed what the Lord had for me. This was 24 years ago and along the way there have been other tests or trials, but also many blessings.

On my journey I did not go alone. My wife Paula and three small children joined me as we started this new adventure. Of course most importantly the Lord was always with me.

As you read this take time to reflect on your own spiritual journey. Have you been over some rugged terrain? How did the Lord encourage you along the way. It always amazes me how much encouragement we need along our journey.

Our first podcast has been recorded and will soon be released.

Our journey took us to the state of Washington for almost ten years. This is a picture I took that reflects that journey. Lots of green in Western Washington.

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