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God dreams can help us along our journey

As part of God’s faithfulness He gives us dreams at times as one way to communicate with us. 

  • The only time we are quiet may be when we are sleeping.
  • When we are sleeping God can give instructions, reassurance, and insight during dreams. 
  • Dreams can be an emotional experience to drive home what the Lord is communicating to us. 

     When we believe we have received a dream from the Lord, record them and then begin to pray for the interpretation. Spiritual dreams, when heeded, keep us in the will of God and remind us that we do indeed serve a God who knows us and who takes the time to speak to His children individually for our own safety and care.

If you have never had a dream that you think is from the Lord pray each evening before you go to sleep and ask the Lord to give you one. If the Lord does not answer right away remember to keep being persistent in your prayer.

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