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Today’s Scripture and Insight: 2Kings 6:8-16

 In our story of 2 Kings 6:8-16, the King of Aram is frustrated because every time he plans a raid, the King of Israel seems to know about it. He thinks he has a spy in his midst until an officer tells him it is the prophet Elisha. His solution to this is to simply send an army to capture Elisha. He sends his best troops and they surround the town where Elisha is. When Elisha’s servant sees the invading army, he is frightened. But Elisha stays calm. How can he stay calm? God shows him that His army is there and bigger than the Aramean army.

Elisha asks God to show the servant that spiritual army and then he sees into the invisible realm. Our text tells us that we are in a spiritual battle that rages all around us. We may not be aware of it, but it is just as real as the natural world in which we live.

In our world there is an ongoing battle between good and evil. In the physical, it appears like we are losing. At first Elisha’s servant only sees the enemy army. Elisha has a powerful spiritual weapon of prayer. When he prays, the servant is allowed to see into the supernatural realm. It is then that he can see the Lord’s chariots of fire all around them.  Without the Lord’s help in the spiritual realm we are very weak. When we depend on and seek the Lord in this spiritual battle, we can be victorious through His strength.

If you have found yourself in a midst of a battle humble yourself and call on the Lord in prayer. Ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance how He wants you to fight this battle.

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