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Acts 18:1When Paul left Athens he traveled to Corinth, where he met a Jewish man named Aquila, who was originally from northeastern Turkey. He and his wife, Priscilla, had recently emigrated from Italy to Corinth because Emperor Claudius had expelled all the Jews from Rome. Since Paul and Aquila were both tentmakers by trade, Paul moved in with them and they became business partners.[1]

It appears that Paul had spent most of his time in Athens alone. He had sent Timothy and Silas north to check on the churches they had planted in Thessalonica, Berea, and Philippi. There hadn’t been much fruit in Athens, few people had come to faith. Paul most likely was discouraged and lonely. When he came to Corinth, some of the first people he met were Aquila and Priscilla.

I think Aquila and Priscilla were divine appointment for Paul. They would have encouraged him. They knew what it was to be kicked out of a community. They had to leave Rome because of an unfavorable political climate to Jews. They had a common trade with Paul, tent making. Paul’s work as a tent maker most likely brought in needed income. They also provided a place for Paul to live while he preached the Gospel. They would later become key people in Paul’s missionary team. Personal relationships are important in ministry. I think God has designed us to need each other, especially in ministry.

The author of Hebrews explains why we need each other. Heb. 10:24 Discover creative ways to encourage others and to motivate them toward acts of compassion, doing beautiful works as expressions of love.[2] We may think encouragement is only for kids, but everyone, even adults need encouragement. The spiritual walk with Jesus can be a battle at times but fellow believers can help us along the way.

Where in your life has God sent divine appointments? Have you ever been a divine appointment for someone else?

To hear more about Paul, Priscilla and Aquila, listen here:

[1,2] The Passion Translation®. Copyright © 2017 by BroadStreet Publishing® Group, LLC.

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