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When I have a heart for the lost, I don’t have to be the center of attention. Paul, while the leader, was part of a team. Timothy and Silas rejoined Paul in Corinth. They had been in northern Greece encouraging the new churches there. Paul was unable to return to them to build them up, but his team members could do the work.

In Corinth, Paul found leaders who would also help him with the ministry. Acts 18: Leaving the synagogue, Paul went to the home of Titus, a convert to Judaism, for he and his family attended the Jewish meetings and they had all become believers in Jesus. Crispus, the leader of the synagogue, believed in the Lord, together with his entire family, and many of the Corinthians who heard what had happened believed in the Lord and were baptized.[1]

Scholars think that Titus would later accompany Paul in his ministry travels and is the one addressed in the Epistle of Titus. Crispus was one of the few people Paul baptized (1 Cor. 1:14). According to church tradition he became the bishop of Aegina.[2] Paul didn’t have to be the star of the show, even though he was the leader. Often, it is a temptation to build our own kingdom instead of building God’s kingdom. In our human nature, we want to be the center of what is happening. Paul gives us the example of what it looks like to build God’s kingdom.

While a number of believers in Corinth were of high standing, most were uneducated and realized that they couldn’t do life on their own. They were open to God’s help and assistance. They were willing to be part of Paul’s team and could reach people that Paul may not have been able to. Think about how you can work as part of a team to reach others for Jesus. Remember Jesus is always the heart of the team.

To hear more about Paul and his team in Corinth, listen here:

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