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Psalm 9: 13 So now, O Lord, don’t forget me. Have mercy on me. Take note of how I’ve been humiliated at the hands of those who hate me… 15 For the godless nations get trapped in the very snares they set for others… 18 He will not ignore forever all the needs of the poor, for those in need shall not always be crushed. Their hopes shall be fulfilled, for God sees it all![1]

David begins Psalm 9 as an exuberant praise for God perhaps after the victory over Goliath. The second part of the song has a different tone. Here David asks God to continue to defend him.

As a younger person, I played lots of softball and basketball. I remember the joy of winning a big game or championship. Those kinds of things would give a high for a few days, but then there was another game or challenge in life that would come along. I think it was much the same way with David. It was right to celebrate the victory over Goliath. But there would eventually be more battles. I think David realizes this and reminds both himself and God of God’s promises.

David is bold enough to repeat God’s promises back to God. Does God forget these? I don’t think so, but this process reminds David of who God is and makes him dependent on God. I believe God desires us to do the same. Our victories in life need to be memorialized so that in the tough times, we remember God is still with us, but may be working things out in an unexpected way for each of us.

To hear more about David and his songs, listen here:

[1] The Passion Translation®. Copyright © 2017 by BroadStreet Publishing® Group,

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