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1 Sam. 20:1David… went to Jonathan. “What do I do now? What wrong have I inflicted on your father that makes him so determined to kill me?”

“Nothing,” said Jonathan. “You’ve done nothing wrong. And you’re not going to die. Really, you’re not! My father tells me everything. He does nothing, whether big or little, without confiding in me. So why would he do this behind my back? It can’t be.”[1]

Here we have a conversation between David and his best friend, Jonathon, who is the son of King Saul. David gives Jonathon some surprising news. Saul wants to kill David. Is David making this up? He’s married to Saul’s daughter and has been a successful commander in the army. Why would Saul want to kill him? Let’s take a quick trip through David’s history with Saul that can be found in 1 Samuel 15 -19.

The Spirit came on Saul after he was anointed king (1 Sam 10). By 1 Sam 15, Saul has been disobedient which results in the Spirit leaving him. At same time David is anointed and Spirit comes upon him. When the Holy Spirit left Saul, there was room for an evil spirit. David, who had the Spirit, begins to play harp for Saul. This placates Saul for a time, but when David has much success as army commander, Saul is extremely jealous which opens himself up to the evil spirit again. This time instead of soothing Saul, David’s music irritates him, and Saul tries to kill David but fails.

Then Michael wants to marry David. Saul plans to let the Philistines kill him, but David is successful and instead of being killed, returns in victory. Then Saul wants Jonathon to kill David, but Jonathon talks him out of that and gets Saul to swear that he won’t kill David. Again, David has military success and Saul is jealous and tries to kill David and sends men after him. Michael, David’s wife, helps him escape to Samuel.

Saul chases David to Samuel’s, but prophesies for a whole day which allows David to escape and talk to Jonathon in today’s story. What would you say after hearing this story? Is Saul really trying to kill David? How could Jonathon be so blind? David has already figured this out.

1 Sam.20: But David said, “Your father knows that we are the best of friends. So, he says to himself, ‘Jonathan must know nothing of this. If he does, he’ll side with David.’ But it’s true—as sure as God lives, and as sure as you’re alive before me right now—he’s determined to kill me.[2]

Jonathon couldn’t discern the truth because he didn’t have all the facts. Often, the same is true for us. We may only see one side of an issue and be blinded to what is really going on. It is only when we are open to exploring the whole controversy that we may be able to discern the truth. God is the source of all wisdom and can help us differentiate truth from fiction. Don’t be afraid to use God’s Word to help you discern the truth in your personal life and public issues.

To hear more about David’s story, listen here:

[1,2] The Message (MSG) Copyright © 1993, 2002, 2018 by Eugene H. Peterson

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