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David secretly returns to Jonathan and explains that Jonathon’s father, King Saul wants to kill David. At first, Jonathon doesn’t want to believe what David is saying. Jonathon knows that David has done nothing wrong, why would his father want him dead? David explains that Saul knows they are friends, so Saul won’t tell him his plans to kill David.

To Jonathon’s credit, he takes David’s news seriously and devises a plan to discern the truth. Jonathon tells David, “If I get the slightest hint that my father is fixated on killing you, I’ll tell you.”[1]There is a celebration that David will be required to attend. If David is not there, this could reveal Saul’s true heart. When Saul confronts Jonathon with David absence, Jonathon give an excuse.

Saul’s reaction to the test is shocking but telling: 1 Sam.20: 30-31 Saul exploded in anger at Jonathan: “You son of a slut! Don’t you think I know that you’re in cahoots with the son of Jesse, disgracing both you and your mother? For as long as the son of Jesse is walking around free on this earth, your future in this kingdom is at risk. Now go get him. Bring him here. From this moment, he’s as good as dead!”

32 Jonathan stood up to his father. “Why dead? What’s he done?”

33 Saul threw his spear at him to kill him. That convinced Jonathan that his father was fixated on killing David. 34 Jonathan stormed from the table, furiously angry, and ate nothing the rest of the day, upset for David and smarting under the humiliation from his father.[2]

It is only after this confrontation that Jonathon understands the depth of rage Saul has against David and that his father truly wants to kill David. Jonathon goes out to a field where David is hiding. They have prearranged a signal. Jonathon shoots three arrows beyond where David is. Then he tells his helper, “The arrows are beyond you.” By this David knows that he must run for his life. Jonathon sends the boy back home with the arrows. This gives David and Jonathon time for a tearful good-bye.

Have you ever been as surprised by evil as Jonathon was? Maybe you didn’t want to believe the accusations against a family member like Jonathon. Obviously, you want to discern the truth and not make false charges. But what do you do when the charges are true? Jonathon took the steps to protect his friend, David. He, unfortunately, could do no more as his father had complete authority.

Many times, we like to think of life as a playground where we can have fun. Spiritually, life can be more of a battlefield. If we are unprepared for the battle, we may get caught in the crossfire. We can be assured that God is always with us and gives us tools for the battle if only we are astute enough to use them. Ephesians 6:10-18 tells us how to stand amid evil. First, we need to be aware that evil exists in surprising places. We must use truth, God’s righteousness, faith, the Gospel, the Spirit and prayer to stand against evil. Jesus is our model of standing against evil. He went to the cross and satan thought he had won, but Jesus rose again the third day as the victor. When we believe and trust in what Jesus can do for us, we have the power to fight the battle.

To hear more about David and his story, listen here:

[1,2] 1 Sam.29:9, The Message (MSG) Copyright © 1993, 2002, 2018 by Eugene H. Peterson

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