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The Spiritual Drift

The Oxford dictionary tells us that the phrase “the writing on the wall” has been used for four centuries in English to indicate that there are clear signs of something unfortunate or disastrous to come.[1] This phrase has its origins from today’s story.

Last week our story was how Daniel interpreted a dream for King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. In the Bible, the story of Daniel moves from King Nebuchadnezzar in chapter 4 directly to King Belshazzar in chapter 5. There is probably a 50-year time span and several rulers between chapters 4 and 5 that the Bible has no comment on. During this time, it seems that the nation of Babylon has moved from being open to the true God back to the worship of idols.

In Daniel 5, Nebuchadnezzar’s great grandson,[2]Belshazzar is on the throne. He is giving a feast for a thousand of his best friends and the wine is flowing freely. He ordered that the cups brought from the temple in Jerusalem many years earlier be used at this party. He may have wanted to please his own gods by insulting the God of the Hebrews as he desecrated the temple vessels.

Think about our nation, how has it drifted spiritually in the last 50 years? How have things that were considered sacred been destroyed? Do we think that God isn’t watching? In our story, God sends a message by having a hand write on the wall. If God would do that today, what would He write? Who do you think He would write it to?

Think about yourself. How have you drifted spiritually? Are you willing to let God be your Savior? If He is your Savior, is He your Lord? Are you willing to set aside what you want for want He wants? Jesus told His disciples in John 14: 15 If you love me, show it by doing what I’ve told you.” [3] Don’t our actions demonstrate where our heart is? Just as Belshazzar showed where his heart was in Daniel 5, our actions do the same today.

To hear more of the story of Daniel, listen here:

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