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We live in an era where ungodly leadership seems to be the norm. We rarely see the power of Godly leadership. Leaders worldwide at all levels lack godly character. More leaders are forced out of office due to lack of character than incompetence.

Throughout the history of Israel, the character of their leader had a great effect on the nation. A Godly leader would lift the nation up and lead them into a closer relationship with God, while an ungodly leader would do the opposite.

Samuel was a Godly Leader

Throughout his life as a prophet, Samuel was always faithful to the Lord and his call to serve the Israelites. Samuel would intercede for God’s people in prayer. He also come alongside them to show them their sin so they could repent. When the Lord won the victory for the Israelites over the Philistines Samuel reminded them to be thankful and build a stone of remembrance.  Samuel’s Godly leadership was demonstrated as he always had the best in mind for the Israelites.

1 Samuel 7:15 Samuel continued as Israel’s judge for the rest of his life. 16 Each year he traveled around, setting up his court first at Bethel, then at Gilgal, and then at Mizpah. He judged the people of Israel at each of these places. 17 Then he would return to his home at Ramah, and he would hear cases there, too. And Samuel built an altar to the Lord at Ramah. [1]

The Lord Wants You to be a Godly Leader

Sometimes we think of leaders only in organizations, not realizing that everyone is a leader in some capacity. Parents influence their children. Co-workers can influence those they work with. No matter your job or vocation you are in some type of leadership role. As a follower of Jesus, the Lord has placed you in a unique place in time and history to be a leader and example to those around you. You may never know the influence you have, but the Lord does.

Godly leaders are committed to using their gifts, intellect, talents, and passions to make others better, to lift them up, and to bless them. This is the power of Godly leadership. Our spiritual enemy, satan, does not want us to lead in such a way. Rather, he persistently temps leaders to leverage their leadership to obtain the idols of wealth and power.

A godly leader must live for a cause greater than themselves. King David was described as a man after God’s own heart. (1 Samuel 13:14) The Bible reveals that the ultimate focus a leader can have is to glorify Jesus by having a heart for the Lord.

To hear more about the power of Godly leadership, listen here:

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