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Paul had sent a letter to the Thessalonian church with Timothy and Silas. When they returned to Corinth where Paul was, they had some disturbing news. Some of the believers think the return of Jesus is soon and have quit working. This causes unrest and some are living off others who work for a living.[1]

Paul writes another letter. In it, he reassures them that Jesus will bring justice when He comes. Those who are persecuting the Thessalonians will be judged.[2] He tells them not to be fooled by those who say Jesus has returned. Many things must happen before then.[3] Then he warns them not to live idle lives but to follow the example Paul and Silas gave them. They never accepted food from anyone without paying for it. They worked hard day and night so they would not be a burden to any of the Thessalonians. Even while Paul was there, he gave them this command: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.”[4] Paul then requested prayer for himself and blessed the congregation.[5]

Paul sends this second letter off to the Thessalonians. This letter has good advice for us today as it gives us our purpose while we wait for the return of Jesus. There will be suffering for those who follow Jesus. John 15: 18 “Just remember, when the unbelieving world hates you, they first hated me (Jesus). 19 If you were to give your allegiance to the world, they would love and welcome you as one of their own. But because you won’t align yourself with the values of this world, they will hate you. I have chosen you and taken you out of the world to be mine. 20 So remember what I taught you, that a servant isn’t superior to his master. And since they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.[6] 

But Jesus also promises help in this waiting time. John 15: 26 I will send a great Helper to you from the Father, one known as the Spirit of truth. He comes from the Father and will point to the truth as it concerns Me. 27 But you will also point others to the truth about My identity, because you have journeyed with Me since this all began.[7]

What is your purpose as a believer while you wait for the return of Jesus? To hear more about Paul and the letters to the Thessalonians, listen here:

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