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Daniel’s co-workers want to get rid of Daniel because of envy. They trick the king into writing a law that will cause Daniel’s death if he would continue to pray. Daniel is faithful to God and does continue to pray. They bring their accusations to the king who desperately tried to find a loophole to save Daniel.

Daniel 6: 15 At sunset the men returned and said, “Your Majesty, remember that no written law of the Medes and Persians can be changed, not even by the king.”

16 So Darius ordered Daniel to be brought out and thrown into a pit of lions. But he said to Daniel, “You have been faithful to your God, and I pray that he will rescue you.”

17 A stone was rolled over the pit, and it was sealed. Then Darius and his officials stamped the seal to show that no one should let Daniel out. 18 All night long the king could not sleep. He did not eat anything, and he would not let anyone come in to entertain him.[1]

Even though the king appeared to have absolute power over his kingdom, he is now entrapped in his own legislation. Daniel’s accusers come back to apply some pressure. Apparently, the king would have had until sunset to carry out Daniel’s death sentence. If he didn’t, the king would be in violation of his own law and could lose his crown and/or his life.

Daniel must have had conversations about God with King Darius. The king knows about Daniel’s relationship with God. Perhaps Daniel had shared the words of Jeremiah with the king. Jer. 10:10 You, Lord, are the only true and living God. You will rule for all time. When you are angry the earth shakes, and nations are destroyed.[2] Somehow the king knows that Daniel’s God is powerful and prays for Daniel before throwing him to the lions. Rulers in this time would keep lions as an easy way to rid themselves of the opposition. The king’s unease during the night was probably filled with regrets.

Have you ever felt trapped? Maybe the world has pressured you into decisions that you regret, that come back to haunt you. God is a living God who rules even in the darkest times. The story looks bad at this point, but there is a new day coming. To hear more about the story of Daniel, listen here:

[1,2] Contemporary English Version (CEV) Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society

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