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Fiery Arrows - Today Daily Devotional

How do I respond when I am attacked because of my faith in Jesus? Do I respond in kind like the world? Do I get in an escalating argument? Is it possible to argue someone into heaven? What would Jesus do? Paul and Silas had been telling others about Jesus in the Jewish Synagogue and received pushback. This pushback affected them, and also fellow believer named Jason.

Jason Attacked

Acts 17:Some of the Jews who listened were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas, along with many God-fearing Greek men and quite a few prominent women. But some of the Jews were jealous, so they gathered some troublemakers from the marketplace to form a mob and start a riot. They attacked the home of Jason, searching for Paul and Silas so they could drag them out to the crowd.

Not finding them there, they dragged out Jason and some of the other believers instead and took them before the city council. “Paul and Silas have caused trouble all over the world,” they shouted, “and now they are here disturbing our city, too. And Jason has welcomed them into his home. They are all guilty of treason against Caesar, for they profess allegiance to another king, named Jesus.” The people of the city, as well as the city council, were thrown into turmoil by these reports. So the officials forced Jason and the other believers to post bond, and then they released them. [1]

How to Respond to Attack

When you are attacked for your faith, it can be difficult to know how to respond. It requires listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit so the Lord can guide you in your response. We need this guidance because there isn’t a single answer. In our story Jason did not fight back and was later released. Other times the Lord may want you to stand your ground. Still again, He may ask you to walk away from the situation If it is a verbal assault the Lord may guide you to turn the other cheek.

Romans 8:26 And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.[2]

When we are weak it gives an opportunity for the Lord to shine in our life. Sooner or later, we all will be attacked in some way for our faith. We have hope that our Savior is with us to guide us in our response. To hear more about responding to attack, listen here:

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