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Great battles of the Bible-Gideon's 300 | Family Radio 316

I was over 40 years of age before I realized in a rational sense that God had a plan for my life. This was something I had not been taught even though I had attended church all my life. I found that when we follow God’s plan, He receives the glory.

 As I reflected on my life, I could see where the Holy Spirit had guided me just like a shepherd would guide sheep. The Lord had closed and opened doors for me when I was not aware of His plan. As I follow God’s plan, He receives the glory. God had been very patient with me from the beginning. He had a plan for my life from the very beginning and He certainly receives the glory for directing me even when I was not aware of it.

The Lord Received the Glory for Gideon’s Battle Plan

To the natural mind, God’s plans seem unusual and unlikely to result in success. Noah built an ark to save his family from a flood when it had not rained to that time. Sarah, wife of Abraham, had a child when she was ninety. Israel defeated Jericho by marching around the city for seven days. When on the seventh day, they circled the city seven times and blew the shofars, the wall fell.

All these plans appear to be laughable. How many people would have laughed at Noah? Sarah laughed when she first heard God’s plan. Yet amazingly, all these plans were successful, and God received the glory for them. It was God who saved Noah, gave Sarah a child in her old age, and defeated Jericho.

The Lord had a plan to defeat Midian with a small army of 300. It would take great faith to carry out this plan because the Midianite arm was so big. Through God’s plan, Gideon would win the victory and God would receive the credit and the glory.

Judges 7:The Lord told Gideon, “With these 300 men I will rescue you and give you victory over the Midianites. Send all the others home.” So Gideon collected the provisions and rams’ horns of the other warriors and sent them home. But he kept the 300 men with him. [1]

Give the Lord Glory for Your Life

God has a plan for you that most likely has many twists and turns. Take courage and seek Him for what it might be but also trust Him as He lays it out for you. He may have the same destination that is on your heart, but more than likely will take a different route to get there. His plan for you will always include your well-being, protection, and future. Be faithful in what He has given you right now and be patient as everything unfolds.

God has already written in your book of life. Psalm 139: 16 You (God) saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. [2]

The day of your birth and the day of your death are written in permanent ink in God’s book. Nobody comes into this world one second before God’s plan or leaves this world one second after God’s plan. Our lifespan is a part of God’s plan and He desires to receive the glory for it.

To find out how God receives the glory, listen here:

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