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How can being generous free you from ropes of this world that want to entangle you in selfishness? I remember a neighbor where I grew up who was a very generous person. It was not what he said that impacted me, but how he lived life. He never became a wealthy man, but he was wealthy in the ways of God. Although he went to be with the Lord many years ago his modeling of living a generous life still impacts me. Perhaps there was a person in your life who demonstrated the gift of being charitable. How did that impact your life?

Nehemiah Was Open-Handed and Led by Example

Nehemiah was a great leader who demonstrated being open-handed by his actions. During a time of famine Nehemiah stepped up and became an advocate for the poor. When the poor needed to be fed Nehemiah provided food.

Nehemiah 5:17 I asked for nothing, even though I regularly fed 150 Jewish officials at my table, besides all the visitors from other lands! 18 The provisions I paid for each day included one ox, six choice sheep or goats, and a large number of poultry. And every ten days we needed a large supply of all kinds of wine. Yet I refused to claim the governor’s food allowance because the people already carried a heavy burden. [1]

What is a Generous Heart?

Is the Lord calling you to stop being stingy? How would that change you? How would that cause you to rely more on the Lord and leading of the Holy Spirit? A generous heart is one rooted in the Love of Jesus. The Lord pours His love in our hearts by the Holy Spirit which gives us the ability to share without hesitation.

Romans 5:5 And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love. [2] A generous heart is a lifestyle that affects every part of our life. As we receive God’s amazing love, we can be generous to others. A generous heart is transformed from a “have to” to a “want to” to give and be generous. Generosity is an overflow of God’s work in our hearts and is a fruit of our relationship with Him.

Being generous stretches us because we begin to think of others before ourselves. Is God stretching you today to become more generous? Pray and ask the Lord to help you be that generous person that builds God’s Kingdom. To hear more about being generous, listen here:

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