The Light of Christ Journey

Encouraging people on their journey with Christ

The story of the visit of the wise men shows how they were investing in worship. They gave their time and treasure to travel to worship the baby Jesus, the new king of the Jews. Their worship was not just lip service nor a casual, token hour of worship.

The Pattern of Worship of the Wisemen

These Gentiles honored Christ for who He is and gave what was valuable to them. Here is a pattern for us to model:

They journeyed. Matthew only tells us that they were from eastern lands. It seems that they probably came from the area around old Babylon. This was a trip of thousands of miles. They had seen the star and studied the prophecies. We don’t know how many came, but their contingent must have been considerable for Jerusalem to notice their entry. This would have been a trip of a lifetime for these men.

They bowed and acknowledged that this king of the Jews, even as a baby, was superior and had more authority than they did.

They gave three expensive gifts. Gold was a kingly present. Frankincense is a sap from a tree that is used in incense. This gift was fit for a priest. Myrrh is also a sap from a tree used in embalming spices. This gift is appropriate for someone who is going to die. All these gifts foretell what Jesus will do.

They worshipped. These Gentiles recognized Jesus as king and understood God had guided them to the Christ Child.[1]

We Need to Invest in Worship

Many think worship is only an hour in church on Sunday morning. It is much more, as the wise men show us. God is creator, sovereign, full of justice, full of lovingkindness, and worthy. He is worthy of our worship and deserves the best we have. Thus, as we worship God, we desire to give Him our time and treasure.

All nations will come to worship God. Psalm 86:All the nations you made will come and bow before you, Lord; they will praise your holy name.[2] The worship of these Gentile wise men foreshadows how Jesus would draw all to Himself. Jesus is still our King, priest (or our go-between), and Savior and deserves our worship.

To learn about investing in worship, listen here:

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