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Psalm 13 gives us insight into how it is possible to worship while you wait. David was struggling and prayed an honest prayer. It felt like God had deserted him, and he wondered how long before God would come and help him. David needed God to renew him, and as he remembered the lovingkindness of God, he could finish his poem with these words: Psalm 13: I will sing to the Lord because he is good to me.[1]

David was sure that God would answer his prayer and was preparing to praise. Even though David was still in his predicament and waiting for God to act, he trusted that the outcome would be good. In fact, the Hebrew word that the New Living translates as good has the connotation of God’s giving exceeding our asking.[2]

Worshipping in the Struggle

It is hard to think about worshipping God when we are down in the dumps. Yet, as we worship, we give the Holy Spirit a chance to open our eyes to the true character of God. This happened as David verbalized his trust in God’s lovingkindness or hesed love. This love acts out of compassion and is the characteristic of God. God still acts this way toward us because God doesn’t change.

When we move the focus from our circumstances to worshiping God, we begin to remember what He has done. Jesus told us to celebrate His supper to remember. Why? We, sinful humans, tend to forget, and Jesus knew that. He designed an action to help us remember what He has done for us. As we get into Scripture, we see many stories of faith. These stories remind us that God is with and for us even in difficult times of waiting.

A Modern Psalm

David wrote Psalm 13 almost a thousand years ago. Even though David’s culture was very different from ours, human nature hasn’t changed, and neither has God. Lincoln Brewster wrote a song called While I Wait which mirrors the thoughts of Psalm 13. Here are part of the lyrics:

Deep within my heart, I know You’ve won. I know You’ve overcome.

 And even in the dark, when I’m undone, I still believe it.

Though I don’t understand it, I will worship with my pain.

You are God; You are worthy. You are with me all the way.

You’re faithful every day, Your promises remain.

So, while I wait, I will worship, Lord. I’ll worship Your name.

Though I don’t have all the answers, still, I trust You all the same.[3]

To learn how to worship while you wait, listen here:

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