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David was an unknown shepherd boy who was picked by God to be the next king. Then God moved David to be in the right place to defeat Goliath.  God demonstrated His goodness and judgement as He defended His name through David’s actions. And David’s story continues in 1 Samuel 18, here’s a story from the Word of God.:

After the victory over Goliath and the Philistines, Jonathan, Saul’s son, and David became good friends and made a covenant of friendship. David joined Saul’s army and was very successful. David was so successful that the women sang, “Saul has killed his thousands, but David has killed tens of thousands.”

This made Saul upset and an evil spirit caused him to rave like a mad man. While David was playing the harp, Saul thought, “I’ll pin David to the wall.” He threw the spear at David twice, but David dodged and got away both times. Saul was afraid of David because of the success that God had given him.

Then Saul had a plan to get rid of David. He offered David a way to marry his daughter, if David would bring the foreskins of 100 Philistines, he could marry her. Saul thought that David would be killed trying to do this. Instead, David brought 200 foreskins. He was then married to Michal, the daughter of Saul. This is a story from the Word of God.[1]

This is the time that scholars think that David wrote the 23rd Psalm. David could have gotten a big head. It looked like he was on the fast track to becoming king. But David still looked to God and gave Him credit. Remember, David was a man after God’s heart. He would need this foundation for what was ahead.

How about you, do you forget God when things are going well? It is at that very time that we all need to know who is in charge, and it isn’t us. In this life on earth, there will be good times and bad times. We certainly should enjoy the good times as they are a gift from God. But remember God is in control and will stay with you no matter what.

To hear more of David’s story, listen here:

[1] Summary of 1 Sam.18.

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