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Cave at Adullam. Possible location where David hid from King Saul ...

Psalm 142 King David’s poetic song of instruction
A prayer when he was confined in a cave
God, I’m crying out to you! I lift up my voice boldly to beg for your mercy.
I spill out my heart to you and tell you all my troubles.
For when I was desperate, overwhelmed, and about to give up, you were the only one there to help.
You gave me a way of escape from the hidden traps of my enemies.[1]

David had escaped from King Saul who wanted to kill him. He had run to the land of the Philistines seeking shelter, but he was recognized as the one who had killed their champion, Goliath. God enables David to trick the Philistine King and escape. Now David is hiding in a cave where he writes a song that we know as Psalm 142.

David has a very honest relationship with God as we can see by his words in Psalm 142. He is respectful but honest and blunt with God. God knows what is going on and how David feels, so why shouldn’t he be honest with God? David pours out his heart to the Lord when he is at a very low point in his life.

David can act as a mentor for us, especially in this time of pandemic. We are living in our version of hiding in a cave as we shelter at home and keep social distance.  Do you have a relationship with God in which you can pray honestly? If not, take this time to spend time with the Lord and in His Word, and in prayer.

God wants a relationship with you, that’s why He sent Jesus. He knows what is going on in the world and what is in your heart. Jesus says in John 10: 14 “I alone am the Good Shepherd, and I know those whose hearts are mine, for they recognize me and know me.”[2] Through Psalm 142 let’s ask the question; Lord what are you teaching me and what are You showing me through this Psalm? Our times are not sure, but our good Father can use this as a teaching moment for each of us.

Think about this: How can an honest relationship with God make a difference as we go through an unprecedented time? How can knowing this God of refuge give each of us comfort and hope?

To hear more about the story of David, listen here:

[1,2] The Passion Translation®. Copyright © 2017 by BroadStreet Publishing® Group, LLC.

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