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An Arkies Musings: No Fear

What is experiencing God’s mercy like? That may not be something that we think about, but where would we be without it? The ministry of Jesus was filled with acts of mercy. From acts of healing and forgiveness to meals shared with those disliked by society Jesus was filled with mercy for His people.

Have you ever thought that God might delight in showing you mercy? Sometimes we think that others may deserve that, but not me. That is not true. Does a good father expect perfection and offer only harsh words when they fail?

The Coming of Jesus into this World was an Act of Mercy.

When Jesus was born the angel announced the birth of the King of mercy. Luke 2:10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.[1]

Experiencing Unexpected Mercy

When the prodigal son humbled himself and came back to his father, he experienced the mercy of his father he did not know before. The father in the story is symbolic of our heavenly Father who has compassion on us when we humbly come to Him.

Luke 15:21 “The son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’ 22 “But the father said to his servants, ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. 23 Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. 24 For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate. [2]

In this life you will make mistakes and in various degrees like the prodigal son. There will not be a single day in which you experience perfection. But Jesus’ birth, life, and death reveal to us that life is not about our imperfections but about God’s perfect love. Life is not about our failures or successes but about the God who loves us through it all.

God’s Mercy is Real

When you live by your own strength you soon discover you are made of dust. This is what the prodigal son experienced. But Jesus’ coming demonstrated a part of God’s heart we still find hard to believe today. God’s desire is to step into the lives of His children and offer compassion and forgiveness where there is only failure and guilt. His desire is to pick us up even after we’ve made a mess and comfort us, while at the same time empowering us to live differently. We serve a merciful King.

Romans 2:4Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness leads you toward repentance? [3] Take time today to allow God to crown you with his steadfast love and mercy so your heart might find peace in the arms of your merciful King. To find our more about experiencing God’s mercy, listen here:

[1-3] The Holy Bible: New International Version. (1984). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

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