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Symbolic Meaning of Crossroads -

There are days when our world feels upside down. Often during these times is when the supernatural intersects with the natural. I believe it is during these times we are more open to God working in our life because we have a certain amount of desperation. God may seem distant during a health issue, a broken relationship, or a struggle due to another’s poor decision.

When this happens to me personally, I am much more likely to listen to what God is trying to communicate to me. The Lord can communicate to us through His word, the work of the Holy Spirit, dreams, visions, an angel, or other people. God knows us best and chooses the best way to communicate to us.

God Breaks into Jacob’s World through a Supernatural Dream

Jacob’s world was turned upside down when he left home for the first time. Jacob had made poor decisions to impersonate his brother to get the first-born blessing. Now Jacob was suffering the consequences as his brother Esau threatened to kill him.

If I had been Jacob this probably would have been a very low point in my life. It is at this low point in his life that supernatural intersects the natural as God gives Jacob an amazing dream. I believe this gives us great insight into God’s compassion for us.

Genesis 28:12 As he slept, he dreamed of a stairway that reached from the earth up to heaven. And he saw the angels of God going up and down the stairway. 13 At the top of the stairway stood the Lord, and he said, “I am the Lord, the God of your grandfather Abraham, and the God of your father, Isaac. The ground you are lying on belongs to you. I am giving it to you and your descendants. 14 Your descendants will be as numerous as the dust of the earth! They will spread out in all directions—to the west and the east, to the north and the south. And all the families of the earth will be blessed through you and your descendants.

 15 What’s more, I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go. One day I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have finished giving you everything I have promised you.” [1]

Life is All About the Supernatural Intersecting the Natural

If there is ever a time we need reassurance that the Lord is with us, it is at a low point in our life. Throughout the Bible the Lord shows His mercy and grace especially in times of great difficulty. As Jacob dreamed the supernatural intersected the natural. Jacob saw angels and God spoke to him. God gave him promises of land, descendants, and blessings.

Angels minister to those who will inherit salvation in the invisible realm daily as the supernatural intersects the natural. We may not be aware of their presence, but that does not deny their work. Praise the Lord that He is always at work in our lives supernaturally touching our natural lives.

To hear more about when the supernatural intersects the natural, listen here:

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