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It is amazing that God speaks to us in many ways. Has the Lord spoken to you in a special way before? How did that affect you? Perhaps you were reading a passage of Scripture and the Lord revealed something to you that you did not see before. You may have been praying and the Lord gave you peace over a concern.

All of us are ordinary people yet the creator of the universe, God Himself, desires and does speak to us. He speaks through His word, the Holy Spirit, dreams, visions, His audible voice, circumstances, and other people. Why? God has more for you!

The Lord Speaks Because You are Important

God speaks to us because we are important to Him. We are so important that Jesus came into this world and died for our sins on the cross. Jesus paid for each sin we will ever and not one was left out. The Lord did all of this because He loves us.

God begins to speak to us in many ways to draw us to faith. After we have become a person of faith, He continues to speak to us to give us wisdom and understanding to unfold His plan for our lives. His plan helps us to grow and mature in faith. Also, God speaks to comfort us in times of difficulty and to give us peace in the storms of life. Peter was a faithful disciple, but still required instruction from the Lord.

The Lord Speaks to Peter

Acts 10:The next day as Cornelius’s messengers were nearing the town, Peter went up on the flat roof to pray. It was about noon, 10 and he was hungry. But while a meal was being prepared, he fell into a trance. 11 He saw the sky open, and something like a large sheet was let down by its four corners. 12 In the sheet were all sorts of animals, reptiles, and birds.

 13 Then a voice said to him, “Get up, Peter; kill and eat them.” 14 “No, Lord,” Peter declared. “I have never eaten anything that our Jewish laws have declared impure and unclean.” 15 But the voice spoke again: “Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean.” 16 The same vision was repeated three times. Then the sheet was suddenly pulled up to heaven. [1]

God Speaks to Us Today

Although most people may not experience a vision from the Lord, it is one way He does communicate. We may ask, “Why hasn’t the Lord given me a vision?” We must trust the Lord that He knows the best way to communicate with each of us to fulfill His plan for our lives.

I want to encourage you to ask God to help you hear His voice in whatever way He chooses to speak to you. He doesn’t require us to complete a class before He is ready to use us. He only requires a willing and obedient heart like Peter. 

God speaks to us in many ways, to hear more listen here:

[1] Tyndale House Publishers. (2015). Holy Bible: New Living Translation (Ac 10:9–16). Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers.

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