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God uses obedient people to carry out His plan. This is a reoccurring theme in Scripture. When the Lord asked Noah to build the Ark, he obeyed and followed God’s plan which saved his family. When Abraham was told by God to take his son Isaac and sacrifice him in the region of Moriah, he started on that journey the next day. Later, we know God provided a substitute for Isaac, which was a ram for that sacrifice. Abraham passed the test of obedience. (Ref. Genesis 22).

Peter and Cornelius Were Obedient to God’s Guidance

One day Cornelius had a vision where an angel appeared to him. The angel told him,Now send some men to Joppa, and summon a man named Simon Peter. [1]Acts 10:5. After hearing these instruction Cornelius sent two servants and a devout soldier to ask Peter to come to him. Peter agrees to visit Cornelius. Through God’s divine guidance Peter would go to the home of Cornelius where he told them the good news of Jesus.

Acts 10:44 Even as Peter was saying these things, the Holy Spirit fell upon all who were listening to the message. [2] God’s plan was fulfilled as the friends and close relatives of Cornelius heard the Good News of Jesus, were filled with the Holy Spirit, and baptized. All this would not have been possible if Cornelius and Peter were not obedient. The Lord’s requests often serve as steppingstones to life’s most wonderful blessings. 

Obeying God is Essential in Receiving God’s Greatest Blessings

Often, God’s greatest blessings come because of our willingness to do something that appears insignificant. Peter had no idea how many people would be led to faith when he went to the home of Cornelius.

Has God been challenging you to do something seemingly unimportant that you have ignored? Perhaps what God is asking may seem too difficult. Or have you been putting things off by claiming you need to pray about it?

Our Obedience Always Blesses Others

Think of how many people were blessed by Peter’s and Cornelius’s obedience. Their obedience was key to people coming to know Jesus as their Savior. God often rewards others who are closest to us because of our obedience.

Cornelius had gathered his close friends and family to hear Peter teach about the Good News of Jesus. When you chose to obey the Lord, He will bless you. This is because obedience always leads to blessings. These blessing probably won’t be financial but spiritual. Ask the Lord to help you obey His guidance and expect good things to happen.

God uses obedient people to carry out His plan, to hear more:

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