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Listening to God changes my life is something that happens repeatedly. Have you had the Holy Spirit prompt you to do something? When you obeyed did it make a significant difference?  Listening to God is more than just hearing but obeying what He is telling you to do.

When it comes to listening to God, sometimes we are like kids listening to parental instructions. We hear what our parent is telling us but don’t want to do it. God often uses desperation to get our attention when it comes to hearing and obeying. I certainly have been down that road. When I am desperate, I am more willing to listen. It is then that I obey, and my life improves. That leads me to wonder why I was so stubborn. Is there anything in your life the Lord is prompting you to do that you have put off?

Jesus Tells the People to Listen!

As Jesus is teaching a large crowd of people by the Sea of Galilee, He has an important story for them. Mark 4:3Listen! A farmer went out to plant some seed.[1] Jesus goes on to tell the crowd the parable of the sower, where He teaches about four types of soil a seed could land in. The soil is the people’s hearts, and the seed is God’s word. What would the people do with the word that Jesus was sowing as He taught along the lakeshore? Would their hearts be hard, shallow, full of weeds, or good soil?

If you could describe your heart, what is the Holy Spirit telling you? For those who listened and took in what Jesus was saying, the seed of His word fell on good soil. Imagine if you were there and your heart was good soil. As Jesus spoke your spiritual eyes were opened. You began to understand things you never understood before. You could not wait to go home and tell your family and friends how Jesus changed your life. This is the change the Lord desires in all of us.

God Has More as We Listen

God has more for you as we listen and obey. Sometimes in life, we can be stuck spiritually and not grow for years. God may be calling us to listen, but we don’t want to hear. The good news is the Lord does not give up on us.

I ministered to a man who was sick with cancer and for the first time in decades, he was interested in his relationship with the Lord. As he read God’s word and prayed his life began to change. God had more for him. What an example of the Lord’s long-suffering. I believe as you read this the Lord has more for you. But He wants you to listen and obey so greater blessings can unfold in your life. John 10:27My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. 28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish.[2]

To hear how listening to God changes my life, listen here:

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