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Encouraging people on their journey with Christ

God calls us in His timing, which shows He is at work and has a plan for our lives. There are many times the Lord calls us, with the first call to place our faith in Jesus as our Savior. As our lives unfold, the Lord calls us to a deeper faith and more plans for us in His Kingdom.

When we listen to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, our lives become an ongoing journey of the Lord calling us. You might be surprised at the Lord’s different calls as you reflect on your life. I have believed in Jesus all my life, but when I was thirty-seven, I sensed the Lord calling me to become a pastor. Each time the Lord calls us, it is always significant, and a positive response to His call allows us to grow in our faith.

God Called Peter

When Jesus called Peter to be a fisher of people, there was nothing special about him. He was an ordinary fisherman and not an educated scholar or priest. The Lord called Peter in His perfect timing, which was part of God’s plan for his life. Peter did not know Jesus would call him as a disciple, but the Lord did.

Luke 5:1 One day as Jesus was preaching on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, great crowds pressed in on him to listen to the word of God. He noticed two empty boats at the water’s edge, for the fishermen had left them and were washing their nets. Stepping into one of the boats, Jesus asked Simon, its owner, to push it out into the water. So he sat in the boat and taught the crowds from there. [1]

After teaching, Jesus extended a great blessing to Peter. Luke 5: 10 Jesus replied to Simon, “Don’t be afraid! From now on, you’ll be fishing for people!” 11 And as soon as they landed, they left everything and followed Jesus. [2]

Jesus is Calling You

Like Peter, you may think of yourself as ordinary and nothing special. I believe the Lord specializes in calling people who depend on Him and not themselves to build His Kingdom. As we step out in faith, the Lord begins to equip us for what He calls us to do. 

It is not an accident that you are reading this devotion about God calling us in His perfect timing. What is He telling you as you press into the Lord in prayer? Does He want to take you deeper in faith? What new thing does He have for you? We may think we are too old or young to do what He asks, yet we must trust Him. The Lord loves you more than you know; His timing is always the best. Proverbs 16:9We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. [3]

To learn how God calls us in His timing, listen here:

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