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The kindness of Jesus is a repeated theme as you meditate on the Gospels. Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit, and Jesus continually models kindness and affects everyone around Him. Who is the kindest person in your life? Isn’t being around them like sitting in the warm sunshine?

Kind people change the atmosphere around them when they step into a room. They see good things in others and turn away angry words with a soft voice. Ephesians 4:32 Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.[1]

Jesus is Kind to the Disciples

In Jesus’ kindness, He comes to the disciples fishing on the Sea of Galilee. This is the third time after His resurrection that Jesus has come to the disciples to encourage and love them. While the disciples had been fishing, Jesus baked bread and fish on a charcoal fire. After fishing all night, the disciples would have been hungry, and a hot meal when they did not expect it would have been special.

The disciples, in many ways, had failed Jesus just as He warned them Thursday evening before He was taken captive. Jesus does not come to them to remind them of their shortcomings but renews His relationship with them to help them move forward. Jesus knew the hearts of the disciples, and they needed kindness. If you ever had a significant failure, you are often downcast as the Spirit has convicted you. The disciples may have wondered what Jesus thought of them.

His Answer was Kindness

John 21:When they got there, they found breakfast waiting for them—fish cooking over a charcoal fire and some bread. 10 “Bring some of the fish you’ve just caught,” Jesus said. 11 So Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net to the shore. There were 153 large fish, and yet the net hadn’t torn. 12 “Now come and have some breakfast!” Jesus said. None of the disciples dared to ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord. 13 Then Jesus served them the bread and the fish.[2]

Jesus Calls Us to Love One Another

When Jesus calls us to love one another, He calls us to be kind to each other. Being kind means being loving with my words and actions. If an unkind word does come from my lips or I do something wrong, I can take that opportunity to apologize.

The best part about being kind is that it comes with a double blessing. A person who offers kindness to another receives as much or more of the deed as the one receiving. Proverbs 11:17 Your kindness will reward you. [3] Today make a conscious effort to be kind to whomever you meet. It will make a difference to them, and you will feel good inside.

To learn more about the kindness of Jesus, listen here:

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