The Light of Christ Journey

Encouraging people on their journey with Christ

Where can I find Jesus? - The Healer! - YouTube

Jesus knew that we humans had been designed to love story and He used it to communicate the most profound truths to His followers. We have the Bible that is full of God’s story and we can use these stories to learn who Jesus is.

Stories of the Bible don’t tell us what to believe but allows us to explore what to believe.   They give space for God to speak which is more powerful than any human teacher and they connect God’s story to our story. The stories of the Bible invite us to participate in their reality, not to understand that reality. It brings God’s presence, the Holy Spirit, into our lives. The presence of the Holy Spirit allows the story of Scripture to restore us as it opens us to a different future.

Here’s a link to the testimony to a women who found Jesus in the stories of the Gospel. These stories showed her who Jesus was and how He could work in her life.

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