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If you are a believer in Jesus, you can say that the Lord is my redeemer. What does that mean? Redemption means to “buy out.” Redemption was originally used in reference to the purchase of a slave’s freedom. Jesus has purchased sinners’ freedom through His finished and sufficient work.

Redemption is related to ransom, for Jesus paid the price for sinners’ release from sin and its punishment. Matthew 20:28 makes clear that redemption is only possible “through His blood,” which Jesus shed on the cross.[1]

Matthew 20:28For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” [2]

Boaz was Ruth’s Redeemer

Ruth was a widow who faithfully journeyed with her widowed mother-in-law back to Bethlehem from Moab. After arriving in Bethlehem during the barely harvest, Ruth goes out to the harvest fields to glean for grain that has been left by the harvesters.

Ruth and Naomi have limited resources as widows so harvesting grain that has been left in the fields is a way to obtain food. Ruth is led by divine providence to glean grain in the field of Boaz who was also a family redeemer. A family redeemer would care for his relative’s widow and also could marry her if he was not married.

Ruth 3:10 “The Lord bless you, my daughter!” Boaz exclaimed. “You are showing even more family loyalty now than you did before, for you have not gone after a younger man, whether rich or poor. 11 Now don’t worry about a thing, my daughter. I will do what is necessary, for everyone in town knows you are a virtuous woman. 12 But while it’s true that I am one of your family redeemers, there is another man who is more closely related to you than I am. 13 Stay here tonight, and in the morning I will talk to him. If he is willing to redeem you, very well. Let him marry you. But if he is not willing, then as surely as the Lord lives, I will redeem you myself! Now lie down here until morning.” [3]

Blessings of Being Redeemed by the Lord

Later in the story of Ruth, Boaz would redeem Ruth. That must have been an exciting event for her. The Lord provided a husband, a son, and provision. In the same way, the Lord loved us so much that He died on the cross for our sins so we could be redeemed. We can be so thankful to the Lord that He paid such a price to purchase our freedom because of His great love for us. We can say the Lord is my redeemer.

John 3:16For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.[4]

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